I. Организационный момент

II. Объявление цели урока

- Today we are going to speak about our pets and other animals.

III. Речеваяразминка:

Называем домашних животных : a dog, a cat, a hamster, a mouse, a rat, a bird, a parrot, a tortoise,…

Какие они: big, little, nice, funny, lazy, beautiful,…

Какого цвета: white, black, brown, orange, grey,…

Что мы можем делать: to teach, to look after, to take for a walk, to feed, to cook meal, to play, to take care,…

Вычеркни лишнее слово:

Cat, dog, parrot, crocodile

Giraffe, elephant, cow, tiger

Celebrate, look after, take for a walk, teach

IV. Актуализация по теме "My pet”

Have you got a pet?

What is it?

What’s your pet’s name?

How old is your pet?

What colour is it?

Who teaches it?

What can it do?

Is your pet clever?

Who feeds it?

What does your pet like to eat and to drink?

Who takes it for a walk?

Who looks after it?

Do you love your pet?

V. Развитие монологической речи

Прослушиваются несколько рассказов

VI. Физкультминутка

VII. Let’s go to the zoo.

What animals can we see at the zoo?
Giraffes, crocodiles, bears, elephants, tigers, foxes, horses, monkeys, lions, wolves, hares,…

Дети выходят с рисунком , но не показывают его. А рассказывают про животное, которое у них нарисовано. (It is an animal. It is yellow and brown. It has got a long neck. It can… It eat…)

Do you like to go to the zoo?

When did you go to the zoo last time?

With whom did you go?

What animals did you like to watch most of all?

VIII. Вставь пропущенные слова по смыслу:

Lion, tail, clever, wolf, neck, wolf (2),eyes, nose, lion (2), head, pet, four

This is a… , it is not a… .His … is short, his … is long. He has got 4 … , two … legs. He has got a big … , little … and … . I want to have a … as a … . I think he is … .

IX. Listen to the story «At the Zoo»

My little brother and I like to go to the Zoo with Granny. We usually get up at seven o’clock. We do exercises, take a shower, clear our teeth and have breakfast. At eleven or twelve o’clock we are at the Zoo.

At the Zoo we can see many animals: monkeys and elephants, tigers and giraffes, white bears and drown bears, hares and foxes, crocodiles and many other animals. We can see many birds too: green and blue, black and white, red and yellow. We can see big birds and little birds. I like to watch the monkeys. The are so funny. They can run and jump very much. They like to play too.

My brother likes to watch the while bears. They are big animals. They can swim very well. What I don’t like about the Zoo is that we watch animals, and our Granny watches us.

Is it true or false?

My little brothers and I like to go to the Park?

At the Zoo we can see many animals and a lot of birds?

I like to watch the elephants. Thee are so funny?

X. Test

1. Correct the spelling mistakes

My pupy is very small.

I think mise are very nice.

There are three wolfs at the zoo.

The bird is beatiful.

My favourite damestic animal is a cat.

2. Выбери правильный ответ:

1. Tom----- his pet to talk.

a) teaches

b) knows

c) says

d) answers

2. Do you ---- your pet for a walk?

a) give




3. She has got a ---. It is a cat.

a) friend




4. People have got no ----.

a) neck



5. There are no ---- in our Zoo.

a) wolf

b)a wolves


d)a wolf

6. ----- are domestic animals.

a) cows and horses

b) bears and tigers

c) crocodiles and giraffes

7. How many legs---? –Four.

a) the elephants has got

b) has the elephants got

c) the elephants has

8. Elephants are----.

a) red



XI. Итог урока

Учитель подводит итоги урока, выставляет оценки и задает домашнее задание.




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